China Generously Changing Lives Of Aussies

Did you think your smartphone was taking over your life? Your car may be different because Chinese companies are leading auto production by fighting for more consumers.

Only 3,500 registered cars were electric cars or hybrid vehicles in AU during 2013. In 2017 this number grew to over 49,222. This significant increase is a combination of increased demand, expanded options and increasingly attractive incentives that are starting to encourage organizations to choose green cars as their fleet. automobile. 2018 The electric fleet holds promise for any business – and there are compelling reasons why a strategic shift to electric cars might reflect the best possible vision for the future.

Conventional cars have a negative impact on the environment due to fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions, which leads to air pollution. These emissions are widely recognized as a contributor to global warming, and legislation such as the 2008 Climate Change Act. Hybrid vehicles emit significantly less emissions, while electric cars emit none.

Cars are another big prize in the fight for the digital space, according to the industry, and the deep pockets and data muscles of major Chinese tech companies will lead to even faster growth of “smart electric” vehicles and possibly accelerate. -be the advent of autonomous cars. cars.

“Such competition is a good thing and will greatly accelerate innovation,” said William Li, founder, president and CEO of Chinese electric vehicles.

The auto industry’s first biggest rally this year is open to the public. The global industry is looking to China – the largest and fastest growing automotive market – to lead the way for the future.

China’s official EV targets are too conservative for Li.

“I am much more optimistic,” he said.

“I believe that by 2030, over 90% of new cars sold in China will be smart electric vehicles.”